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Skis - Renting and choosing the correct Skis


As a first time skier you will definitely be renting your skis. As with Boots, Ski rental can be booked through your tour operator or directly with a ski equipment hire company or shop.

There are usually queues at ski hire shops on the first skiing day when everyone is picking up their equipment. Usually you will arrive the day before you are due to start skiing so if you arrive at the resort in time and you can pick your hire equipment that day or evening then all the better.

The rental shop staff are experienced and will recommend the best type and length of ski for you. For someone of average build they usually use up to your nose as a rough guide. However the ski doesn't know how tall you are, only how heavy.

It is best to use the guide below and let your weight determine the length of ski. If you go by the height rule and you are only of slim build they will be too long for a beginner and you will find it harder to stop.*

The shop will adjust the ski bindings ( fittings ) to fit your boots and also adjust them to your weight, so make sure that everyone in your party, particularly children know their weight in Kilos before you travel. The skis are set up to release if you have a fall so correct adjustment according to weight and ability is important to prevent injuries, so don't bend the truth about your weight when asked.

Weight - lb

< 108

110 - 124

125 - 137

138 - 150

151 - 165

166 - 178

> 179

Weight - kg

< 49

50 - 56

57 -62

63 - 68

69 - 75

76 - 81

> 82

Ski Length








For advanced skiers add 5cm to the length, for expert 10cm

* I know this only too well, after 2 days of falling over and getting disheartened, I swapped my skis for shorter ones and discovered that I could ski after all!

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